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A Short History of England

Author: Jenkins, Simon (Columnist)


Published on 5 July 2018 by Profile Books Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 320 pages, 16 page colour plate section
196 x 130 x 21 | 280g

From the invaders of the dark ages to the aftermath of the coalition, one of Britain's most respected journalists, Simon Jenkins, weaves together a strong narrative with all the most important and interesting dates in a book that characteristically is as stylish as it is authoritative.

A Short History of England sheds light on all the key individuals and events, bringing them together in an enlightening and engaging account of the country's birth, rise to global prominence and then partial eclipse.There have been long synoptic histories of England but until now there has been no standard short work covering all significant events, themes and individuals. Now updated to take in the rapid progress of recent events and beautifully illustrated, this magisterial history will be the standard work for years to come.

A Short History of England

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