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Beware of the Bull : The Enigmatic Genius of Jake Thackray

Author: John Watterson, Paul Thompson, Richardson, Jon

Biography & True Stories

Published on 6 February 2023 by Scratching Shed Publishing Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 512 pages, 2 x 8pg b & w and colour prints
129 x 200 x 39 | 466g

Beware of the Bull - The Enigmatic Genius of Jake Thackray is the critically-acclaimed first biography of the late, great singer-songwriter.

Admired by Neil Gaiman, Jarvis Cocker, Alex Turner and Thea Gilmore, among others, Jake was one of the greatest and most original artists of the twentieth century; a unique talent and master storyteller whose songs are full of wit, poetry, irreverence and humanity.

The book reveals a life as extraordinary as his writing: difficult upbringing in the terraces of Leeds; strict Catholic education; transformative experiences in France and Algeria; time as an inspirational, unorthodox and highly creative teacher; meteoric development as a writer and performer; subsequent discovery by the BBC; Abbey Road recordings and influence on The Beatles; fame, fortune and remarkable television career... and Jake's rejection of it all. It is a story of a complex, charismatic and self-effacing man whom many loved, but few understood.

Beware of the Bull was written with the full support of the Thackray family. Exclusive access to personal papers has allowed for the inclusion of a wealth of rare poems, photographs and 'lost' lyrics. This paperback edition comes with a new foreword by the comedian Jon Richardson, an afterword by the authors, and further appendices with author Neil Gaiman and the distinguished conductor and composer Sir William Southgate.

Beware of the Bull : The Enigmatic Genius of Jake Thackray

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