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Fixing the Planet : An Overview for Optimists

Author: Norton, Michael

Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning

Published on 7 July 2022 by September Publishing in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 384 pages
151 x 200 x 32 | 424g

Knowledge is power. Get informed and choose action over despair.

Everything you need to know about the earth and the life it supports - right now. From the challenges we face with global environmental, health, poverty, equality, technological, political and justice issues to the pioneering places and people making a difference to our future. With 40 simple ways to support change.

'While the hour is late, the future remains ours to make. This hugely enjoyable book is a powerful introduction to the way things are and the way things can be. Keep it by your bed.' Tim Smit, co-founder The Eden Project

Fixing the Planet : An Overview for Optimists

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