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Grave Intentions

Author: Raman, RV

Fiction & related items

Published on 1 December 2022 by PUSHKIN PRESS in the United Kingdom as part of 'the A Harith Athreya Mystery' series.

Paperback | 288 pages
129 x 199 x 23 | 258g

SECRETSSeasoned detective Harith Athreya is back, this time to investigate suspicious incidences on a riverside dig in the heart of remote Bundelkhand.

SUPERSTITIONIn this place, rich in myth and history, the legend goes that anyone who sets foot on nearby island Naaz Tapu would be cursed forever.

SLAUGHTERWhen an archaeologist defies local folklore, the fallout is swift and deadly. Is the death a result of the ancient curse, or is it a more down-to-earth case of murder? Athreya needs to unravel the truth from legend before the curse strikes again...

Grave Intentions