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Hurricane Season

Author: Melchor, Fernanda, Hughes, Sophie

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Published on 19 February 2020 by Fitzcarraldo Editions in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 232 pages
192 x 121 x 21 | 298g

The Witch is dead. After a group of children playing near the irrigation canals discover her decomposing corpse, the village of La Matosa is rife with rumours about how and why this murder occurred. As the novel unfolds in a dazzling linguistic torrent, Fernanda Melchor paints a moving portrait of lives governed by poverty and violence, machismo and misogyny, superstition and prejudice. Written with an infernal lyricism that is as affecting as it is enthralling, HURRICANE SEASON, Melchor's first novel to appear in English, is a formidable portrait of Mexico and its demons, brilliantly translated by Sophie Hughes.

Hurricane Season

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