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In Our Hands

Author: Farfort, Lucy


Published on 1 September 2022 by Tate Publishing in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 36 pages
256 x 257 x 11 | 432g

We called it 'The Dulling'. It had been creeping in for such a long time, and had started so gradually, that most people barely even noticed.

As the Dulling spread, people began to fight and isolate themselves from each other. Neighbours became enemies, friends became strangers, and soon all colour was drained from the world.

When the world is plagued with isolation and cursed to live without colour' it is up to a group of determined children to grow a seed of hope that will inspire everyone to come together and build a better future.

This timeless fable' from debut author Lucy Farfort' is sure to entrance and empower in equal measure.

In Our Hands

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