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Nature's Calendar : The British Year in 72 Seasons

Author: Chapman, Kiera


Published on 7 September 2023 by GRANTA BOOKS in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 400 pages
225 x 144 x 37 | 506g

Inspired by a traditional Japanese calendar which divides the year into segments of four to five days, this book guides you through a year of 72 seasons as they manifest in the British Isles. From 'Snowdrops emerge' in the first days of January to 'Tree skeletons and sky' at the close of the year, each fleeting season is epitomized by some natural phenomenon, be it a plant coming into bud, a burst of birdsong, or a cobweb spangled by dew. Drawing on folklore and tradition, herbal medicine and natural history, this is a book to give, to treasure, to dip into, and to inspire your own regular acts of noticing nature as it flourishes and fades and rises again, through the seasons.

Nature's Calendar : The British Year in 72 Seasons

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