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On the Move: Poems About Migration

Author: Rosen, Michael, Blake, Quentin

Children's, Teenage & educational

Published on 3 November 2022 by Walker Books Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 144 pages
130 x 197 x 18 | 272g

'What you leave behind / Won't leave your mind. / But home is where you find it. / Home is where you find it.'Former Children's Laureates Michael Rosen and Sir Quentin Blake join forces for a landmark new collection, focusing on migration and displacement. Michael's poems are divided into four: in the first series, he draws on his childhood as part of a first-generation Polish family living in London; in the second, on his perception of the War as a young boy; in the third, on his 'missing' relatives and the Holocaust; and in the fourth, and final, on global experiences of migration. By turns charming, shocking and heart-breaking, this is an anthology with a story to tell and a powerful point to make: 'You can only do something now.'

On the Move: Poems About Migration

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