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Simple Noodles : Everyday Recipes, from Instant to Udon

Author: Middlehurst, Pippa


Published on 31 August 2023 by Quadrille Publishing Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 176 pages, Full-colour photography
260 x 195 x 23 | 804g

From the best-selling author of Dumplings and Noodles and Bowls and Broths Make your favourite noodle dishes at home with over 60 versatile recipes, all with ready-to-cook noodles at their heart. From simple stir fries to speedy noodle soups, as well as mix-and-match ideas to make the most of instant noodles, each recipe is practical and delicious - perfect for anyone who wants resourceful and realistic meals. Illustrated with beautiful photography and clear step-by-step instructions, these effortless, everyday recipes are all about minimum fuss and maximum flavour. Noodles with love, respect and sheer ease.

Simple Noodles : Everyday Recipes, from Instant to Udon

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