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The Last Storyteller : Winner of the Newbery Medal

Author: Barba Higuera, Donna

Reading age: from c 10 years

Published on 1 September 2022 by TEMPLAR PUBLISHING (Piccadilly Press) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 336 pages
129 x 196 x 28 | 252g

An unforgettable journey through the stars, to the very heart of what makes us human. The incredible Newbery Medal-winning novel from Donna Barba Higuera.

'Gripping in its twists and turns, and moving in its themes - truly a beautiful cuento.'- NEW YORK TIMESHabia una vez . . .

There lived a girl named Petra Pena, who wanted nothing more than to be a storyteller, like her abuelita.

But Petra's world is ending. Earth will soon be destroyed by a comet, and only a few hundred scientists and their children - among them Petra and her family - have been chosen to journey to a new planet. They are the ones who must carry on the human race.

Hundreds of years later, Petra wakes to this new planet - and the discovery that she is the only person who remembers Earth. A sinister Collective has taken over the ship during its journey, bent on erasing the sins of humanity's past. They have systematically purged the memories of all aboard - or purged them altogether.

Petra alone now carries the stories of our past, and with them, any hope for our future. Can she make them live again?

The Last Storyteller : Winner of the Newbery Medal

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