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Xanthe & the Ruby Crown

Author: Bilan, Jasbinder

Interest age: from c 9 years

Published on 2 March 2023 by Chicken House Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 240 pages
131 x 198 x 20 | 188g

A stunning new children's novel from the Costa Award-winning

author of Asha & the Spirit Bird.

'Sensitively written and set against a true historical backdrop,

this mystical story is a delight.' DAILY MAIL

Xanthe loves visiting her gran in her flat with its rooftop garden.

But Nani is becoming forgetful - and Xanthe wishes she could

help her, if only she knew how.

A mysterious cat shows her a way. It leads Xanthe to clues about

Nani's childhood, and how, long ago, she had to escape her old

life in Africa for a new one in Britain ...

The fourth novel by bestselling, Costa Award-winning

author Jasbinder Bilan; author of Asha & the Spirit

Bird, Tamarind & the Star of Ishta and Aarti

& the Blue Gods

Follows archaeology-obsessed Xanthe as she uncovers her

family's secrets

A tale of secrets, family, refugees, belonging and love

Set in a tower block in Nottingham, bringing Jasbinder's

trademark magical realism to an urban, everyday setting

Xanthe & the Ruby Crown

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