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About Us


Martin Booth, Bristol 24/7

We are two friends who met through a love of reading and decided to open a bookshop.

Sarah has worked in bookshops throughout her life and has a lot of experience as a bookseller. 

Christie has experience in literary & storytelling events and has worked as a secondary & adult literacy teachers. Together, we've created a community bookshop & event space that we're really proud of.

We think that East Bristol and particularly Church Road has been crying out for a bookshop and event space for a while and we've found the perfect place. An important part of opening a bookshop for us is our ties with the community and we want to ensure that we’re working to promote reading and literacy across all ages and groups and involving local groups and schools as much as we can. 

We have carefully curated our range of adult and children's fiction and non-fiction that represents our tastes and reflects our beliefs of inclusivity of voice, character and theme. We sincerely hope that everyone can see themselves represented in our bookshop and we'd love to give you a recommendation or get yours.

We chose the shop so that we can put on events that will support & encourage literacy, reading and the love of stories in the community. We're working with local schools, parents & community groups to bring a range of events for everyone, and want the space to be somewhere to come for both book obsessives & reluctant readers.

We hope you come and visit soon so we can chat about books!

Christie & Sarah x


Pam the bookshop dog has been given an honorary role that she's currently choosing to ignore.

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