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111 Places for Kids in Bristol That You Shouldn't Miss

Author: Booth, Martin, Evripidou, Barbara

Somerset, Bristol

Published on 30 March 2023 by Emons Verlag GmbH in Germany as part of 'the 111 Places' series.

Paperback | 240 pages, 111 Illustrations, colour
136 x 206 x 22 | 472g

Welcome to the home of Wallace and Gromit, and Blackbeard and Banksy. Bristol is where the world's first solid chocolate bar was created (Ribena was also invented here) and you can still watch delicious chocolate creations made by modern day Willy Wonkas. The city has a hidden castle (you just need to know where to look) and secret vaults underneath the Clifton Suspension Bridge only rediscovered recently after being hidden for more than 100 years. Climb inside these vaults, or into the cockpit of the final Concorde to fly or ride your skateboard in what used to be a swimming pool. If water is your thing, you can surf guaranteed waves at an inland surfing lake or take a trip in a boat that used to fight fires. Science and art collide at We The Curious, which has the UK's only 3D planetarium.

If you think you know Bristol, think again. Allow this book to be your guide to Bristol's best bits for kids.

111 Places for Kids in Bristol That You Shouldn't Miss

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