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Corey Fah Does Social Mobility

Author: Waidner, Isabel

Of specific Gay & Lesbian interest

Published on 13 July 2023 by Penguin Books Ltd (Hamish Hamilton Ltd) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 160 pages
137 x 206 x 20 | 242g

The radical, joyful follow-up to the Goldsmiths Prize-winning Sterling Karat Gold.

This is the story of Corey Fah, a writer on the cusp of a windfall, courtesy of the Social Evils prize committee, for whom the actual gong - and with it the prize money - remains tantalizingly out of reach.

Neon beige, with UFO-like qualities, the elusive trophy leads Corey, with partner Drew and surprise eight-legged companion Bambi Pavok, on a spectacular detour through their childhood in the Forest - via an unlikely stint on reality TV. Navigating those twin horrors, through wormholes and time loops, Corey learns - the hard way - the difference between a prize and a gift.

Both radiant and revolutionary, Isabel Waidner's fiction gleefully takes a hammer to false binaries, boundaries and borders, turning walls into bridges and words into wings. Fierce, fluid and funny, they free us to imagine another way of being.

This is a novel about coming into one's own, the labour of love, the tendency of history to repeat itself and the pitfalls of social mobility. It's about watching TV with your lover.

Praise for Sterling Karat Gold:'A piece of winged originality' Ali Smith'A beautifully defiant miracle of a book' Guy Gunarante'A sublime, mesmerizing feat' Irenonsen Okojie'A provocative act of resistance to our morally slippery times. Reading Waidner is like plugging into an electric socket of language and ideas' Guardian

Corey Fah Does Social Mobility

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