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Gabriela : Clove and Cinnamon

Author: Amado, Jorge, Taylor, James L., Grossman, William L.

Fiction & related items

Published on 3 October 2005 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 460 pages
201 x 131 x 35 | 498g

When Gabriela came to the Brazilian town of Ilheus, things would never be the same again In 1925, the town's cacao plantations are flourishing and progress reigns, but Nacib the Arab's most desperate worry is that his cook has walked out of his bar. He ventures over to the market to hire a migrant worker to help him and comes across a young mulatto girl named Gabriela who is wild and has hair filthy with dust. But something in her voice makes him take a chance, and it seems he's not the only man who's noticed her. Suddenly there is more to think about than everyday concerns: love affairs, murder, banquets, funerals, desire, hatred, vengeance and miracles.

Gabriela : Clove and Cinnamon

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