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Healthier Planet, Healthier You : 100 Sustainable, Nutritious and Delicious...

Author: Bell, Annie

Earth sciences, geography, environment, planning

Published on 22 December 2022 by PAN MACMILLAN (One Boat) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 272 pages
245 x 190 x 21 | 852g

'This will help you create positive planetary change from the pleasure of your own kitchen!' - Eco-Chef Tom Hunt'A most thoughtful, caring and considered book.' - Jeremy Lee, head chef at Quo VadisWhat if you could eat more healthily and live more sustainably - without cutting out meat or dairy?Award-winning recipe writer and registered nutritionist Annie Bell shows how you can minimize your impact on the environment AND boost your health.

Packed with one hundred delicious recipes, Healthier Planet, Healthier You is a simple, evidence-based blueprint that brings together the small changes that will make a lasting difference to your health and the planet.

The mouthwatering recipe collection is inspired by the principles of the Planetary Health Diet, a greener way of eating informed by globally agreed scientific targets aimed at tackling climate change. This flexible approach includes simple swaps that mean all diets are catered for, whether you're vegetarian or vegan, pescatarian or flexitarian.

These nutritious, tasty recipes are simple to make, use easy-to-find ingredients, and crucially offer an affordable way of eating. Including practical tips to reduce food waste and a 28-day plan to get you started, Healthier Planet, Healthier You makes it easier than ever to enjoy healthy, sustainable food every day.

First published in black and white hardback as Eat to Save the Planet, this beautifully photographed full-colour paperback shows how everyone can eat in a healthy, climate-conscious way, while still enjoying every bite.

Healthier Planet, Healthier You : 100 Sustainable, Nutritious and Delicious...

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