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Stella Maris

Author: McCarthy, Cormac


Published on 28 September 2023.

Paperback |
129 x 198 x 17 | 154g

'Cormac McCarthy was such a virtuoso, his language was so rich and new . . . McCarthy worked close to some religious impulse, his books were terrifying and absolute. His sentences were astonishing.' - Anne Enright-----'A drought-busting, brain-vexing double act' - GuardianAlicia Western is the following: Twenty years old. A brilliant mathematician at the University of Chicago. And a paranoid schizophrenic who does not want to talk about her brother, Bobby.

Told entirely through the transcripts of Alicia's psychiatric sessions, Stella Maris is a searching, profoundly moving companion to The Passenger. It is a powerful enquiry that questions our notions of God, truth, and life itself by one of America's finest writers.

Stella Maris

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