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The Exiled : Empire, Immigration and the Ugandan Asian Exodus

Author: Fulford, Lucy


Published on 31 August 2023.

Hardback |
146 x 223 x 38 | 542g

Uganda, August 1972. President Idi Amin makes a shocking pronouncement - the country's South Asian population is being expelled. They have ninety days to leave.

After packing scant possessions and countless memories, 50,000 Ugandan Asians

vied for limited space in countries including Canada, India and the United

Kingdom. More than 28,000 expellees from Britain's former colony arrived in

the UK and began building new lives - but their incredible stories have, until

now, remained largely hidden.

Fifty years on from the exodus, The

Exiled draws on first-hand interviews and testimonies, including from the author's family, to illuminate

a time of painful alienation and incredible courage. As an entire people

stepped into the unknown, a global diaspora was born, and the fate of the

United Kingdom changed forever.

Journeying across continents and decades, this staggering work of reportage

illuminates an essential, and under-explored, chapter in post-colonial

history, challenging politically expedient narratives to uncover the true

fate of minorities at the end of empire. 'Weaving together tenderly reported personal stories with the grand sweep of imperial history, this is a compelling and impressive account of a time - and population - often overlooked.' - Samira Shackle'A lyrical and penetrating examination of what happened to one family and the Ugandan Asians more broadly' - Giles Foden, author of THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND

The Exiled : Empire, Immigration and the Ugandan Asian Exodus

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