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This Book Will Make You Feel Something : Masturbation meditations to use on...

Author: Bark, Florence

Health & personal development

Published on 18 May 2023 by Little, Brown Book Group (Sphere) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 256 pages
172 x 152 x 34 | 414g

This book contains mouth-opening ways to mix up your masturbation routine, inserted between 25 steamy stories for you to masturbate to. You deserve to feel pleasure. Come on in. The power of female masturbation is immense - it's proven to release happy hormones in our brains, increase self-esteem and improve our external sex lives. So why then do we give ourselves such little time to do it? Maybe it's because we were never taught about how pleasure works when we were teenagers. Or because we don't have material we want to masturbate to. Or because society makes us think that it's acceptable to set time aside to explore and pleasure our partners, but less so if it's for ourselves.

ENTER THIS BOOK!In the simplest and most exciting way possible, sex and relationships educator Florence Bark has explained how your anatomy works and the many ways to engage it. There are 25 ideas on how to change up the way you masturbate and, because 85% of women don't want to watch porn, to go with each tip is a 'masturbation meditation' - a steamy story specifically designed to be masturbated to, where you can imagine what the people within it look like and you know it's been ethically created. This ground-breaking book - the first of its kind - gives you the tools and permission you need to not just feel something, but everything. Please note: We believe the tips in the book will best apply to people with vulvas (though please note the data it is based on comes from surveys of cis-women). The stories on the other hand could apply to anyone depending on your personal preferences. So no matter how you identify, you're very welcome at this party.

This Book Will Make You Feel Something : Masturbation meditations to use on...

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