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Everyday Folklore : An almanac for the ritual year

Author: Frank, Liza


Published on 26 October 2023.

Hardback |
156 x 197 x 27 | 602g

For the curious and the adventurous! Turn to any date and you'll find something to learn or do suggested by folklore of the day, the month, or the season.

Some suggestions will take no more effort than sticking your head out the window to look at the clouds, while others might involve knee pads and scouring giant chalk horses cut into hillsides. Taking inspiration from folklore found around the world, each daily entry is a tiny snapshot of what goes on - be it animal or plant lore, love predictions, the zodiac, the supernatural, food, festivals, divination, anniversaries, the weather or luck. By following the customs and traditions of the ritual year, you'll find yourself becoming more engaged with what's happening about you and discover how every month and season creates its own identity. Dip into this fascinating book at any time of the year and discover something new and intriguing about the world around you.Just beware of the hare...

'An inspiring way to start every day with more joy and fascination.' Robin Ince

Everyday Folklore : An almanac for the ritual year

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