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Glitter Boy

Author: Eagleton, Ian


Published on 2 February 2023.

Paperback |
128 x 198 x 27 | 252g

'Poignant, defiantly fabulous story'

- Guardian

'Glitter Boy is a nuanced, heart-warming and

character led story of finding joy and love

' - Elle McNicoll, author of A Kind of Spark

A Polari-Prize-winning author presents an unforgettable

story about a boy facing up to bullying - and his own truths.

James loves dancing, poetry, and Mariah Carey

(not in that order, though, because Mariah would obviously

be first!).

His teacher, Mr Hamilton, is getting married to his boyfriend

and it seems that James will be part of a surprise

choir performance at the wedding.

But James's father seems uncomfortable about

the plan, and a lot of other things - like any mention of Mr Hamilton,

and James's dancing, and how James talks about his new friend

Joel. Meanwhile, a different boy has been harassing

James at school and calling him gay, and it's getting worse

every day.

James can find relief with his beloved Nan, she's been having

worrying falls, and James can't tell anyone, or

she might be sent to a faraway care home. The secrets are

building up, and James is starting to lose his characteristic


Can he find the strength to let the truth out?

A joyful, raw and timely novel about family, friends, enemies,

and being true to who you really are.

Perfect for fans of Alex Gino, A.M. Dassu, and The Boy At

the Back of the Class.

Ian Eagleton is the author of Nen and the Lonely Fisherman,

which was shortlisted for The Bookseller's Book

Of The Year - Discovery Category 2022

Glitter Boy

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